A new pavilion coming to Hamner Park

ARLEY - The Town of Arley has decided to construct a new pavilion at Hamner Park before the end of next summer, thanks to Resource Conservation & Development funds. Announcement and approval for the new shelter was made during the Arley Town Council meeting Monday, Nov. 4.
Funds in the amount of $3,500 from RC&D were originally going to be used for fencing at the basketball court in the park. Due to RC&D not having any funds at the time, the town paid for the fencing itself. Now that funding is available, RC&D approved to use these funds to build a pavilion and purchase metal picnic tables since the wooden ones are becoming unfeasible for use.
“The wooden ones are not lasting. They are looking bad,” Arley Mayor Chris Tyree said.
Tyree  contacted the company which will construct the shelter and learned the side of the shelter will be 10 feet in height with the middle being 11 or 12 feet in height.
Tyree asked for a motion for purchasing the metal building and picnic tables, which was called and passed. The town has until the end of July, 2020 to have it constructed.
Guests at the meeting included Addison Mayor Marsha Pigg and Shane Cook,  attorney for the Town of Addison. At the beginning of the meeting, Tyree called an executive session, lasting 20 minutes. Once the executive session concluded, Pigg and Cook left the meeting.


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