Duncan Bridge now state’s responsibility

Duncan Bridge

WINSTON COUNTY  - State legislators have brought long-awaited big news to the Winston County Commission that the Alabama Department of Transportation will be saving the county a large expense by taking over maintenance of Duncan Bridge and a portion of County Road 41.
Senator Greg Reed and Representative Tim Wadsworth visited the Monday, Nov. 25, commission meeting, informing Commission Chairman Roger Hayes and Commissioners Bobby Everett and David Cummings of the results of a recent meeting at the Winston County Courthouse, between ALDOT, state and county officials.
Senator Reed began by stating this plan has been in the works for months regarding the commission making a formal request for ALDOT to assume maintenance of Winston County Road 41 affected by Duncan Bridge as well as maintenance of the bridge itself.
The agreement calls for the county and their road engineering staff  to make the request to ALDOT, Senator Reed noted.
This idea, originally crafted by Representative Wadsworth, called for County Road 41 in different places in Winston County to be taken over by the state, with the primary focus being Duncan Bridge.
“Duncan Bridge is an iconic piece of artwork that is an engineering marvel that rests across Smith Lake right in Winston County,” Senator Reed stated.
“A bridge that is this old, I think it was constructed in 1959...there is an enormous amount of upkeep and dollars spent by the county in being able to maintain this, what this is for this complete region and the state of Alabama, a very significant bridge,” Reed added.



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