Rodgers named chief deputy

Winston County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Brett Rodgers

WINSTON COUNTY   -  Brett Rodgers, known most recently as school resource officer for Addison Schools as well as officer for the town of Addison, has been welcomed onboard by newly appointed sheriff Horace Moore as chief deputy of the sheriff’s office.
“He comes to us with lots of experience. It’s going to be new leadership,” Moore stated. “I expect him to do a fantastic job. We are going to work together.
“Any hiccups that we’ve got, we’re going to fix them,” Moore pointed out.
Moore stated the position of chief deputy is extremely important, and that Rodgers would be his right hand man, someone who would be in charge if Moore is not in the office.
The chief deputy is responsible for the sheriff’s office deputies as well as the jail employees, Moore added.



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