Lynn looks for police chief

Council members Chris Little and Tommy Chambless, along with Clerk Marcia Manasco and Mayor Earl Gilbert discuss hiring a police chief.

LYNN - When the chief of police resigned, it left the Town of Lynn without full-time police protection. Besides the possibility of hiring another chief, one other option was to hire a sheriff’s deputy, though this plan did not make it to fruition. At the town meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 17, it was decided to advertise for a chief of police in area newspapers.
“We might be better off to just start looking for us a full-time officer and be done with it, but that’s up to you,” Mayor Earl Gilbert told the council. Gilbert had previously spoken with Commission Chairman Roger Hayes and was informed about certain liability issues the county would face if a sheriff’s deputy was hired to work full-time in Lynn.
“If we get (a police chief) for what we’re offering, it’s going to be $51,000 per year,” Gilbert said. “Everyone wants a police department, and I do too, but within reason. If we can get it to where we can afford it like we have it figured out, we’d be fine.
“Most everybody that has contacted me wants Monday through Friday for the officer to work. They want the bank covered, the school covered, the businesses covered during the day.”

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