Police Chief

Town of Lynn names Bryan Kirkpatrick as police chief

Bryan Kirkpatrick is named chief of police in Lynn. From left are Clerk Marcia Manasco and council members Bruce Odom, Tommy Chambless, Brian Heck (front), Allen Barnett, Chris Little (front), Mayor Earl Gilbert and Kirkpatrick.
LYNN – After several months with no police presence, the town of Lynn has hired a police chief, who is no stranger to police work. Bryan Kirkpatrick, former chief deputy with the Winston County Sheriff’s Office, was named chief of police during Lynn’s town meeting Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020. His effective date was the next day, Jan. 22.

Lynn looks for police chief

Council members Chris Little and Tommy Chambless, along with Clerk Marcia Manasco and Mayor Earl Gilbert discuss hiring a police chief.
LYNN - When the chief of police resigned, it left the Town of Lynn without full-time police protection. Besides the possibility of hiring another chief, one other option was to hire a sheriff’s deputy, though this plan did not make it to fruition.

Franks following in father’s footsteps as Bear Creek Police Chief

Newly appointed Bear Creek Police Chief Joey Franks is following closely in the footsteps of his father Ed Franks, who was police chief 1981 until he retired in 2013.
BEAR CREEK - Newly appointed Bear Creek Police Chief Joey Franks has a last name that’s probably very familiar to people in the town due to his father Ed Franks’ longstanding service in the same role.