Burkett winner of county spelling bee

Winston County Spelling Bee winners are champion John Paul Burkett, of Lynn High School, and Grant Banks, of Meek High School. The winning champion word is “mutter.”

LYNN - It took 17 rounds for a winner to be declared in the 2020 Winston County Spelling Bee, held Friday, Feb. 7, at Lynn Elementary School. John Paul Burkett, of Lynn High School, was the winner with Grant Banks of Meek High School as the runner-up. The championship word was mutter.

The spelling bee was done different this year, introducing vocabulary questions every other round. For example, a word was given to spell for round one, while round two consisted of a word with two definitions given. The student had to pick the correct definition to continue to the next round.

Local school winners, alternates and sponsors are as follows:
Addison Elementary: Kiah Lake, winner; Cannon Hyatt and Preuitt Woods, alternates; Sharon Naylor, sponsor;
Addison High: Ryan Carter, winner; Bailey Womack, alternate; Jim Head, sponsor;
Double Springs Elementary: Esley Gray, winner; Maggie Courington, alternate; Juli Veal, sponsor;
Double Springs Middle: Garrett Crowe, winner; Macy Parsons, alternate; Haley Batchelor, sponsor;
Haleyville Elementary: Gracie Wakefield, winner; Ali-Kate Kelley, alternate; Brooke Yarbrough, sponsor;
Haleyville Middle: Brodie Britnell, winner; Corey Rogers, alternate; Pam Mobley, sponsor;
Lynn Elementary: Aidan Bohannan, winner; Anniston Wilson, alternate; Lori Davis, sponsor;
Lynn High:, John Paul Burkett, winner; Gabe Drummond, alternate; Lori Davis, sponsor;
Meek Elementary: Jasper Elliott, winner; Alison Perkins, alternate; Karen Guthrie, sponsor;
Meek High: Grant Banks, winner; Morgan Davis, alternate; Sherry Camp, sponsor.

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