Department of Public Health stopping most dental procedures in state through April 10

WINSTON COUNTY - The Alabama Department of Public Health has released recommendations which essentially will stop all non-urgent dental procedures in the state through April 10, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation will be reassessed at that time with new guidance issued, ADPH stated.

Procedures defined as urgent care include the following:

• Dental pain (including chronic ulcerative mucosal disease management);

• Swelling of gums, face, or neck;

• Signs of infection, such as a draining site;

• Trauma to face, jaw, or teeth, including fractures;

• Pre- and post-transplant, radiation, or bisphosphonate patients with oral symptoms (evaluate by telephone screening first);

• Pre-transplant evaluations;

• Referrals made by physicians or other health care providers;

• Potential malignancy;

• Broken tooth;

• Ill-fitting denture;

• Final crown/bridge cementation if the temporary restoration has broken, is lost or is causing gingival irritation.

Dentists and specialists are being urged to reschedule the following types of appointments:

▪ Any cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, such as veneers, teeth bleaching, or cosmetic bonding;

▪ All routine hygiene appointments;

▪ Any orthodontic procedures not including those that relieve pain and infection or restore oral function or are trauma-related;

▪ Initiation of any crowns, bridges or dentures that do not address or prevent pain or restore normal oral functioning;

▪ Any periodontal plastic surgery;

▪ Extraction of asymptomatic non-carious teeth;

▪ Recall visits for periodontally healthy patients.

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