James Spann visits Haleyville Elementary for program

Second grade students are intensley watching the screen as James Spann shows the weather balloons sent into the atmosphere daily for weather reports.

HALEYVILLE - The Weather Man himself showed up at Haleyville Elementary School Thursday, Jan. 16, while the second graders were studying weather. Meteorologist James Spann from the ABC network in Birmingham gave a program on the state of weather in Alabama and in general.

Topics included air pressure, maps, weather balloons, satellite photography, radar maps, the science of weather, lightning safety and tornado safety. Also included was the personal story about when he was in first grade in school and would watch the clouds out the window of the classroom. Instead of admonishing Spann, the teacher gave him a book on clouds.

The safety Spann talked about included being inside, whether a car or vehicle, during lightning but to never be in a vehicle during a tornado.

“You got to be in a small room (during a tornado), he said. “Big rooms are no good. Hall, bathroom, closet, you’re good. You can’t stay in mobile homes. You have to leave and go to a shelter. You’ve got to talk with your parents if you live in a trailer.

“If you get a tornado warning, you should know my rules. You do not want to be in a big room. You want to be in a small room; not the highest floor but the lowest floor near the center of the house, no windows, no trailers and you’re good.”

A short video clip of the students was shown on the 5 p.m. news edition.

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