A call for unity in Bear Creek from local pastor

Local pastor Ricky White brings a message of unity and love to Bear Creek during the town council meeting.

BEAR CREEK  -  Local pastor Ricky White had some strong words of advice  and encouragement for Bear Creek residents before he led the Bear Creek Town Council and members of the public in attendance in prayer at the beginning of the Monday, Aug. 3 meeting.
White began by telling Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor, council members and those in the audience that the town has been special to him because of the hospitality he has been shown through the years.
“It’s amazing how one act of kindness touched my heart,” said White, who now resides in Haleyville. “But home starts on this side of Bear Creek running to Haleyville.
“I focus on the things that are good. You’ve got a handful of things that are bad, but before I deal with the things that are bad, I think about all the things that are good,” White continued.
“This is a great community. What you say about  yourself reflects who you are. I hope in your heart, you love everybody enough to speak well of others.
“And when you can’t speak well of yourself, and people you are acquainted with,  just find somebody to speak well about,” White said.
“I see so many people depressed, and I hate that,” he said. “There’s no sense in it.
“Working together is a lot easier than working against each other,” White pointed out.
In his prayer for the community, White noted there was much opposition that had come against that community.

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