County Road 28 to have new pavement

County workers begin the chip sealing process at the northern end of County Road 28, next to Highway 13 in Delmar.

DELMAR - A bumpy ride promises to be smoothed out with a new hot mix asphalt. County Road 28, one of three routes that are between both U.S. Highway 278 to Highway 13 in Delmar, has recently had work done to its base on the Delmar half of the road, with those work areas then being chip sealed. New pavement will soon be added to that half, with striping added to the entire road.
Funds provided for the road construction come from the Federal Aid Exchange Fund, part of the Rebuild Alabama gas tax which was passed in a special session in 2019.
The road is 7.98 miles long with 3.9 miles on the northern side receiving the hot mix asphalt, anticipated to begin within two weeks. After bids, the contract was let to Good Hope Construction, of Good Hope, who will be laying the asphalt, with the county working on the base and chip seal.
Cost of the contract amount is $327,921.91, according to James Glasgow, county engineer, with approximately $40,000 spent on the county’s part.
“We are finished with our portion,” Glasgow said. “What we did was dig out some bad spots, added good material, compacted it and shot a chip seal over those sections. The half between Highway 278 and to where we’re stopping is in pretty good shape. Since we’re doing the project, we want striping on the whole road however.”


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