Reed gets unanimous approval for nomination to be Alabama Senate President Pro-Tem

Alabama Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed, who represents a portion of Winston County, is expected to take his seat as the Alabama Senate’s President Pro-Tem, second only to the lieutenant governor, when the legislature reconvenes in February.

MONTGOMERY     - The voice was unanimous among the Alabama Senate Republican Caucus that Majority Leader Greg Reed, who represents a portion of Winston County, will be the new president pro-tem replacing State Senator Del Marsh when the state legislature reconvenes in February.
After serving in the Alabama Senate since 1998 and as president pro-tem since 2010, Marsh announced he would not seek another senate term in 2022 and was stepping down as president pro-tem. At a Nov. 21, caucus meeting, Reed was nominated and an election held by the Republican senators, who unanimously nominated him as Marsh’s successor.
Reed’s transition to President Pro-tem resulted in the Caucus membership selecting Clay Scofield of Guntersville to replace Reed as Majority Leader.
Reed, who has served in the Alabama Senate for 10 years and as majority leader since 2014, noted the top leader in the Alabama Senate is president pro-tem, a position that is elected by the full senate body of 35 members.  While the full Alabama Senate will have to vote to elect Reed to the position, the fact that Republicans hold a super majority in the Senate means it is highly unlikely that he will not be elected.
After Marsh announced he was stepping down as president pro-tem, Reed made it known to the Senate body that he was interested in filling the position, Reed said.
Reed’s new position will not take effect  until the new session of the legislature begins, where the selection vote will be officially repeated, the first week of February.  Reed will serve as president pro-tem for the remaining two years of Marsh’s four-year term.
Reed congratulated Marsh for a job well done as a public servant.
As president pro-tem, Reed will be representing the entire senate body with the job of making sure everyone’s voice is heard, and the majority and minority have opportunities to debate issues, Reed explained.
Reed will also be responsible for several appointments, along with the speaker of the house, the governor and the lieutenant governor, who is the presiding senate officer. All three Reed will be closely working with Reed.



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