Pocket park planned for Haleyville

This is an artist’s rendering of the park and amphitheater to be located on the vacant lot on Main Street in downtown Haleyville.

HALEYVILLE    - What began as an idea to further revitalize Haleyville’s downtown district has blossomed into action, with plans to turn a vacant lot along Main Street into a thriving community park, complete with an amphitheater, landscaping and decorative drawings along the walls of the adjoining building.
The Haleyville City Council in their regular meeting Monday, Dec. 21, approved a flow though funding agreement between the Walker Area Community Foundation of Jasper, and the City of Haleyville Municipal Corporation of Winston County. The agreement stemmed from the City of Haleyville’s desire to raise money to be spent toward downtown redevelopment opportunities.
Execution of this agreement shall establish a flow-through fund account which will receive and disburse money on behalf of the city for the downtown re-development opportunity program.
The park, which will  be located on the 180 x 50 vacant lot across from Dixie Den and Dixie Theater, is just one step in what hopefully will become an ongoing redevelopment program of the downtown district, according to organizers.
Monies toward these redevelopment opportunities can be sent directly to this special fund account, which will only be used for the City of Haleyville Redevelopment Opportunity Program, according to terms of the agreement, and shall be held in a non-interest bearing account.
From these monies, the WACF shall make payments to the city upon written certification by the city, that the city has paid a vendor or service provider or is to be reimbursed for money the city has expended only for redevelopment opportunity program purposes, the agreement further states.


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