Alabamian to honor healthcare heroes in special section

WINSTON COUNTY - With the COVID-19 pandemic thankfully appearing to be coming to an end, the Alabamian is planning to honor the healthcare heroes who have worked tirelessly taking care of others, often putting their patients’ needs before their own.
In July, the Alabamian plans to print a special section honoring healthcare employees.  Anyone who works in healthcare or has a loved one who works in healthcare can submit the healthcare worker’s photo - free of charge - to be printed in the special section.  The person’s name, job title, place of employment and the town where they live will be printed beside their photo.
“COVID-19 has touched all of us in some manner,”  Alabamian Managing Editor Shelly Hess commented.  “We know everyone in his or her own way has had to deal with this terrible virus - either directly by having it, seeing and caring for a loved one with it, or dealing with the changes it brought to our society.
“For our healthcare workers, they were also dealing with these things, but were also having to take care of patients with COVID-19, not knowing if the patient would survive nor if they might contract the deadly virus themselves.  As an outsider looking in, I can only imagine what they have had to live through over the last 16 months or so.  Our healthcare workers are true heroes, and we are honored to salute them,”  Hess added.
Hess added that the Healthcare Heroes section will be open to all healthcare employees, not just nurses or doctors.
“It takes an entire team of people to provide quality healthcare,”  Hess said. “This includes pharmacists, dentists, technicians, nursing assistants, paramedics, home health aides, physical therapists, administrators,  clerical staff, etc.  Each person is important.”
Healthcare Heroes who can be spotlighted in this section do not necessarily have to live in Winston County to be included.
“We know that many local residents have loved ones who have moved away and are successful in healthcare careers.  They are welcome to submit their loved ones’ photos and information to be included in this section,”  Hess said.  
Healthcare professionals who want to be included in this section or  persons who want to include their loved one who works in the healthcare field can email a photo, along with the information to or mail a photo and information to:

Attn:  Healthcare Heroes
P.O. Box 430
Haleyville, AL. 35565

“Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you wish to have your photo returned,”  Hess requested.
Photos and information can also be dropped off at the Alabamian office, located on Highway 195 in Haleyville, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Whenever possible, a staff member will scan and return the photo while you wait.
For area businesses, especially those that provide health services to the community, this is a great opportunity to brag on your employees or just honor them and the great work they do.  Advertisers are encouraged to be a part of this special section by calling Alabamian Advertising  Director Melica Allen at (205) 486-9461 or sending her an email at
The deadline to submit a photo and information or to purchase an ad will be Wednesday, June 30.
“We are so thankful to God that the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be abating,”  Hess said.  “We mourn for the members of our community who we lost during this pandemic, and we pray for their families.  We also continue to pray for those who are still recovering from this terrible virus.
“We are so thankful to all of our healthcare workers, and we look forward to honoring them in this manner.”

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