Haleyville Elementary School

Haleyville Elementary encourages parents to wash supplies

Please consider washing these items before your child returns to school.
HALEYVILLE - Haleyville Elementary School is encouraging parents to sanitize their children's school supplies, such as backpacks, lunchboxes and other items before returning to school. HES will be off Thursday and Friday, Jan. 30-31, due to flu and strep.

HCS reminds parents of traffic patterns at schools

Administrators talk about the parking and drop off situations at their schools, going into effect when school starts Thursday, Aug. 8. Elementary Principal Christy Bice is showing where to pull up in order to drop off. Also shown are High School Principal Davey Reed, center, and Middle School Principal Bo Wilcoxson.
HALEYVILLE - As a new school year starts for Haleyville City Schools on Thursday, Aug. 8, the community needs to be reminded of parking situations, drop-off locations and schedules, in order to keep the traffic flowing smoothly, especially during the first few days of school.