County Road 4

County Road 4 bridge project nears completion

Replacing a section of railing on the County Road 4 bridge near Double Springs is some of the last work that must be done before the bridge reopens later this month.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - After an extended closure, the bridge on County Road 4 will be reopened later this month, after extensive repairs to the pilings or foundational supports underneath the bridge that were becoming worn and had posed safety concerns.

Bridge on County Road 4 could be closed for months

Mounds of dirt and barricades have been placed on both sides of the bridge on County Road 4, which is now closed until repairs can be made to the pilings. The county is asking motorists to avoid this area and choose another route.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - The temporary closure of the bridge spanning Clear Creek on County Road 4 is resulting in motorists, as well as first responders, seeking alternate routes.