Wadsworth, Fredricks to face each other in run-off

WINSTON COUNTY - Alabama House Representative for District 14 Tim Wadsworth and Tom Fredricks will face each other in a run-off June 21, after none of the candidates in the race achieved over 50 percent of the vote.

Fredricks, Wadsworth and Cory Franks were all vying for the House seat, which encompasses portions of 4 counties.  In Winston County, Wadsworth was the top vote-getter, with 2,506 votes, equaling 51.78% of the overall vote.  Fredricks received 1,715 votes, for 35.43% of the overall county vote, and Franks received 619 votes for 12.79% of the overall vote.

Wadsworth was also the top vote-getter in Walker and Jefferson counties, with Fredricks receiving the most votes in Cullman County.   Results from those counties are as follows:


Wadsworth: 1,530, 45.96%

Fredricks: 1,054, 31.66%

Franks:  745, 22.38%


Fredricks:  673, 50.98%

Wadsworth:  426, 32.27%

Franks:  221, 16.74%


Wadsworth:  443, 51.93%

Fredricks:  331, 38.8%

Franks:  79, 9.26%

Results for the race were found online at the Alabama Secretary of State's website.