NACOLG seeks residents’ input for grant projects

Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor shows the income statement that residents must fill out before the town can obtain grant funding. Also shown is Water Supervisor Tyson Brown.

BEAR CREEK  - Needs throughout the Town of Bear Creek, which kept coming back to water issues, were the forefront of a public hearing Thursday, June 20, gathering public input towards a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant that will be used for overall community improvements.
Two forms are being circulated throughout the town of Bear Creek, in which town residents must participate within a strict deadline, as a vital step in the grant process, town officials pointed out.
One form is a petition that residents need to sign in support of receiving the grant, the other form being an income statement that must be completed by the July 8 deadline, which is the time the necessary information is submitted to NACOLG,  which will review and map the project, based on the input, officials said.


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