Capstone waiting on vaccines

WINSTON COUNTY    - Although the Capstone Clinic in Double Springs shares a facility with the Winston County Health Department, they did not receive COVID-19 vaccines to administer in round one as did the health department, according to Capstone Executive Director and Nurse Practitioner David Jones.
However, Capstone employees are considered front-line workers and are, therefore, eligible to take the vaccine in round 1, having access to it next door at the health department. Some Capstone employees are being vaccinated at the Cullman County Health Department, officials said.  Capstone Clinic also has an office in Arley.
“We’re 100 percent for taking the vaccine,” Jones said. “Historically, vaccines have saved our shirts many times, from polio, smallpox, measles, mumps and things  that, thankfully, we have herd immunity to now.
“We know it’s going to have to be a certain level of people who get the vaccines before we can see that immunity in our communities,” Jones added. “From our standpoint, we need to take (the vaccine) and get them out there as soon as possible.
“We need to take them ourselves and be examples,” Jones added. “There are a lot of conspiracy stories  and reasons people don’t want to take the vaccines.”
Jones stressed the vaccines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
“When you get right down to it, it’s probably the best thing besides following the CDC recommendations on masks and social distancing,” Jones continued.
State Representative Tim Wadsworth is proud the COVID-19 vaccination is being offered in Winston County.
“There has been such an influx of  cases and deaths that getting people vaccinated is critical to get Alabama and Winston County back to  normal,” Wadsworth pointed out.


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