Property taxes may go up

Winston County Revenue Commissioner Sandra Wright shows a sample of the green card that will soon be mailed out.

WINSTON COUNTY   - Taxpayers in Winston County need to be aware of a little green card they will soon receive in the mail.
Residents may notice that the appraised value of their property has increased, thanks to a new manual that is being compiled by the Winston County Revenue Commissioner’s Office.  The office is sending out this notification to certain property owners in Winston County to be in compliance with the Plan of Equalization according to Section 40-2-11 Code of Alabama 1975, according to Winston County Revenue Commissioner Sandra Wright.
In other words, the action the office is having to take is under state mandate, which was the first court order to appraise and equalize taxes in Alabama, Wright noted.
“This is not something I do. This is something the state does,” she said.


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