Heated meeting addresses park and recreation issues

Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor talks to a crowd of concerned park and rec parents and their children about several ongoing issues. Shown at right monitoring the situation is Police Officer Austin Lewis.

BEAR CREEK   - The ultimate question that has arisen, despite tempers flaring and heated discussion at a public meeting Wednesday, Dec. 5, is whether or not the Bear Creek park and recreation board is a legal entity and how much authority does the board have under the umbrella of the town council.
A large group of residents associated with the park and recreation department, including parents and children, met with with town officials including Mayor Tammie Batchelor, Attorneys Shane Cook and Cole Christopher at the Bobby Bishop Community Center, to discuss several issues between the board and town.
On standby, fearing outbursts or trouble, were Police Chief Joey Franks and Officer Austin Lewis.


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