Twin Forks campsites temporarily closed

BEAR CREEK  - One year ago, the Ttown of Bear Creek was working to restructure Twin Forks Campgrounds to meet specifications required by the Bear Creek Development Authority during an extensive 75-day, long-overdue shutdown of the campsites.
The year 2020 finds Twin Forks campsites closed yet again, but this time for only one month,  allowing much less strenuous renovations and improvements--including some electrical checks and repairs to some electrical issues at the neighboring ball fields-- before the park reopens tentatively on Thursday, March 12, weather permitting.
The Bear Creek Town Council during their regular meeting Monday, Feb. 3, state that the campsites were closed to public access Feb. 1, to allow work to be done to prepare the area for the March reopening, depending on the weather and how much work can be done.
Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor stated the campsites have progressed far beyond their condition when the park had to close last year for months.
“It is completely different, the campground and the park area, the whole thing even down to the swimming area has been maintained all year long,” Mayor Batchelor pointed out.


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