Qualifiers for municipal, school board elections set

WINSTON/MARION - Qualifying for upcoming municipal and Haleyville Board of Election races ended Tuesday, July 21, at 5 p.m.  The Alabamian is gathering information today regarding who qualified, and will post it as it becomes available.

The following are those who have qualified.  The letter (I) will come after the names of those who are seeking reelection:


Mayor: Marsha Pigg (I); Dale Sanford

Council Place #1: George Palmer (I)

Council Place #2:  Brandon Womack (I)

Council Place #3:  Randy Powell (I)

Council Place #4:  Mike Long (I)

Council Place #5:  Tim Cooper (I)


There will be no election in Arley, as only the incumbents qualified for the offices.  The mayor will be Chris Tyree, and the council will be comprised by Bobby Smith, Roger Fincher, Devin Guthrie, Gerald Goodwin and Robert Williams.


Mayor: Tammie Rowe Batchelor (I); Ronnie Freeman; Rob Taylor

Council Place #1: Mark Cofield, Jesse Gilbert, James T. Weeks

Council Place #2:  Lamar Dickerson, Eric Loden, Mark Townsend

Council Place #3:  Lisa Jordan, Alex Price

Council Place #4:  Chris Hyde, Brian Talley

Council Place #5:  Ricky Hines, Eric Mills


Mayor:  Kathy Cole; Elmo Robinson (I)

Council Place #1:  Tim Cockrell (I)

Council Place #2:  Brittney Tucker (I)

Council Place #3:  Hobby Walker (I)

Council Place #4:  Angel Mann; Andy McSpadden (I)

Council Place #5:  Adam Veal (I)



Mayor: James A. Hicks; Ken Sunseri (I); Valeria Mae Buchanan Taylor

Council Place #1: Royce Benefield (I); Julie "Boo" Brooks

Council Place #2:  Drew Thrasher (I)

Council Place #3:  G. Blue Russell (I)

Council Place #4:  Jonathan Bennett (I)

Council Place #5:  Brian Berry; Richard "Bicycle" Bittinger (I); John Stanford

Haleyville City School Board Place #1:  Barry "Rat" Farris; Beth Hughes McAlpine (I)



Mayor:  Earl Gilbert (I)

Council Place #1:  Allen Barnett (I); Sharon Bell

Council Place #2:  Chris Little (I)

Council Place #3:  Tommy Chambless (I)

Council Place #4:  Daniel Dodd; Bruce Odom (I)

Council Place #5:  Brian Heck (I)


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