Double Springs Fire Department

Double Springs struggling to collect fire dues

Double Springs Fire Chief Brandon Lewis, left, and Lt. Erik Gilbreath show the letter that is being sent out with fire dues, giving a cost breakdown of the equipment they use.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - Double Springs town officials and fire department personnel are expressing concern that a significant percentage of those living in the city’s fire coverage area, but not in the town limits are not paying their fire dues, yet are receiving fire protection services.

First responders facing obstacles as pandemic surges

Lt. Erik Gilbreath of the Double Springs Fire Department, shows the protective gear they take to scenes and use if COVID-19 is present.
WINSTON COUNTY - The recent uptick in COVID-19 cases not only in Winston County, but the entire area has created an impact on first responders through either positive cases of the virus among their ranks or having to go into quarantine due to exposure, affecting the very ones people depend on in emergency situations.