Murder charge for alleged accomplice in botched home invasion

Donald Webb Jr. (Courtesy photo)

NAUVOO       - One of two intruders that forced entry into a home on Dec. 13, 2022, during a home invasion,that left one of them dead, has now been charged with murder, although he never held a weapon or assaulted anyone during the incident.
The reason that Donald Aaron Webb Jr., 27, of 1501 Brakefield Dairy Road, Jasper, was charged by a Winston County Grand Jury with murder, is reflected in Alabama Criminal Code 13A-6-2 under Offenses Involving Danger to a Person, stressed, Winston County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Jacob Eward.
Webb, who was initially charged with first degree robbery after the incident, was indicted during the county grand jury’s February session, with murder, because he did nothing to stop the actions of his co-conspirator Jason Wayne Smith, 40, of 35 Castle Village Circle, Jasper, when Smith assaulted a male outside the residence then entered the resident firing a gun, seeking money that he claimed was owed to him, sheriff’s officials said.
Webb also failed to react or render assistance when Smith was shot and killed by an occupant of the home in a return-fire situation, Eward explained.
“I got with the district attorney’s office and we spoke about possible new charges,” Eward pointed out.
“After speaking with the DA’s office, we decided to present it to the grand jury,” Eward added.  
This resulted in an indictment for felony murder against Webb, he said.
“The reason he was charged with murder was that he was complacent in the robbery, and during the commission of said robbery,” Eward stated.
“With his negligence and being involved in the commission of a crime where somebody was injured or killed in this fact, he is responsible for that.”

*When a defendant is charged with a crime, the charge is merely an accusation until or unless proven guilty in a court of law.


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